SAAMYA, a partnership between 7BY13 and Hidden Pockets, brings in-depth expertise and substantial experience in the legal, organisational, and gender spaces to offer a set of bespoke services to corporates, industry, NGOs and other organisations focused on ending Sexual Harassment of Women in Workplaces.

Hidden Pockets Collective

Hidden Pockets Collective conducts research on sexual and reproductive health in cities of Global South. It has been working on curating services related to sexual and reproductive health in 7 cities of India. It primarily focuses on health services used by young people, people from LGBTIQ groups and any other groups who would be looking for some correct information.

Sandhya Menon

With 15 years of print journalism experience across national newspapers behind her, Sandhya is currently a freelance journalist and writer. She writes on causes closest to her heart, namely mental health and safe workplaces for women.

The first cause came from her diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, while the second cause came from her own experience of facing sexual harassment at work.

More recently, she played a pivotal role in bringing about the second wave of #MeToo India with her posts on Twitter where she spoke of her own experience as well as help amplify voices of other women who wanted to publicly call out harassers at the workplace. Sandhya is a single mum who also enjoys watercolours and crochet.

Raghuram Gullapalli

An Army veteran with over two decades of experience in managing operations, service delivery, infrastructure/training programs and organisational development/HR at enterprise scale. Raghu has an MBA from IIM Bangalore and has built and scaled the operations for a cloud platform (Tarnea) for two years.

Interpersonal conflicts in work environments are his domain of interest. He now helps organisations minimise the potential for such conflict (and attendant disruption) via training and sensitisation.

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